We help municipalities learn about the benefits of managed TNVR. 

This saves tax dollars for both municipalities and taxpayers. 

Be A Voice For The Unwanted Cats! Help Bring TNVR To Cumberland County!

how to help

Please Spay/neuter your cats and dogs and all of the feral or stray cats that you feed outside​.

​​​​why we do it

We are committed to finding solutions to the overpopulation of unwanted cats

what we do

we provide low cost spay/neuter care through public donations, grants and fundraisers.

​​​who we are

AFF is a non-profit ORGANIZATION registered  in nJ and composed entirely of volunteers.

​​Phone: (856) 503-5572

Mailing Address:
1370 South Main Road, #138​, Vineland, NJ 08360​  

​​​​​ Animal Friends Foundation, Inc.