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by: Ric Kuhns, AFF Director of Operations

As the year draws to a close, I'm happy to say that the number of vouchers issued continues to increase each year, even in years when no grant support was received. This indicates that support for TNVR as a means for lowering the number of free roaming cats is slowly increasing in the private sector. As more city governments get on board with TNVR over euthanasia, the yearly increase in cat populations we experience now will end and the magic of lowering through attrition will begin.

This would happen much faster if agencies such as the CCSPCA and other shelters that run euthanasia programs would fully support TNVR. The simple fact is, euthanasia cost a lot more money than spaying or neutering. This means the CCSPCA and shelters make a lot more money by killing the animals brought in by municipal contract and public forfeiture, and this is the money that's used to facilitate their day to day operations. They are the Agency that everybody listens to as the voice for the animals. There are a lot of Joe and Jane Publics' out there who defer to the opinion of the CCSPCA and hold it as gospel rather than take the time to research the matter on their own and these are the people who are voting against TNVR. Why ?  Because they don’t see or hear the CCSPCA backing us up. As such, they interpret the lack of support to mean that for some reason the CCSPCA must think that doing nothing and allowing the problem to escalate each year is better than taking away their ability to reproduce, which means “no more kittens”, which at some point means “no more cats”. It follows the same logic that tells us that “chances are, if your parents didn’t have kids, you won’t either”.  It’s not like they’re supporting an alternative means. The ASPCA endorses TNVR.

It really is that simple. The CCSPCA is a non-profit organization funded by donation. If you take away the money they bring in thru their euthanasia program today, they will start cutting back programs and laying people off tomorrow. And these are the programs and positions that were added BECAUSE of the amount of funds euthanasia brought in. If you can’t show profit, you have to use the money somehow.

So, option one – limit euthanasia by practicing TNVR: will save tax dollars, lower the cat population, and stop the killing of healthy cats on a daily basis.

Or, option two -  euthanize and leave things alone(current method): Yearly increases in all of option one and the very reason it continues to spiral out of control today.

The CCSPCA needs to get behind our effort to improve our quality of life and support TNVR or offer up a reason why doing and saying nothing will make it all go away. Securing an occasional grant for our communities is as effective as holding an umbrella over the Grand Canyon, but if that’s all they plan to do, Millville is in Cumberland County and could use an umbrella too. This organization would be happy to assist in the administration of these grants and utilize our network of 13 participating providers which opens up many more weekly surgical appointments which would cut down on the amount of time people would have to wait before having the procedure done and a choice for where the client feels comfortable going.

AFF history shows the facilitation of two previous grants as well as our own supplementation program very successfully and well within the expiration date fixed to the grant.

 The problems associated with this overpopulation are becoming more evident every day and it’s time we step in and accomplish what our tax dollar has failed to do. It’s time for the CCSPCA to come out of the shadows and support the effort of the people whose donation money they accept based on a reputation they haven’t earned. “Free roaming cats are a community problem that communities need to fix, together”.

* This article reflects the opinions of the writer, and not necessarily those of the organization.