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ACTING ON YOUR CONCERN                                                    1/29/17

Animal Friends Foundation and the CCSPCA have agreed on an arrangement where efforts will be made to reunite ear tipped cats with their colony and caretaker if they’re turned in to the shelter. In most communities that allow feral colony management or practice trap neuter vaccinate return as their form of animal control, free roaming and feral cats are required to have their left ear “tipped”. 

It has been suggested that in some areas where tnvr and managed colony care doesn’t exist or hasn’t been fully established, efforts to return an ear tipped cat to original colony location is met with opposition from residents where the cat was removed from and in some cases, by Animal Control officers who don’t support the tnvr method. It’s up to us as “educators of the process” to educate those residents who may not be familiar with TNVR. For the latter, it’s the procedure of choice for the community they serve, and as such, their responsibility to support and enforce. They should be educating the people known currently who trap and kill to release a trapped ear tipped cat because in most programs removal is not warranted for any first offense violation. Even a cat reported as being a nuisance is given 90 days for it’s caretaker to remedy the problem before actions like removal are taken.
How it works

Upon receiving an ear tipped cat in Cumberland Co. the CCSPCA will notify Animal Friends Foundation that an ear tipped cat has been turned in and where it was removed from. AFF will contact the Coordinator or contact person in that community who will notify caretakers in that area to determine if a colony cat is missing. Caretakers can then go to the shelter with proof of identification for the cat in order to have the cat released to them. If not identified and reclaimed by its original caretaker, other registered caretakers who manage colonies within the county may request to have the cat released for relocation to their colony.

In order for this to work, a municipal coordinator or responsible contact person must be established in each Cumberland Co. community whose name and contact information will be kept on file with AFF. Millville and Vineland have municipal positions established by ordinance however there is no one currently assigned to the Vineland position.
What we need

We need people to step up as a “contact person” for each of the Cumberland Co. communities listed below. A community coordinator or contact person would be wise to have their own contact people in various parts of their city who are familiar with colony locations within their section. Those interested in representing their community are asked to contact Animal Friends Foundation by phone at 856-503-5572 and leave your name and number or email us at animalfriendsfoundation@yahoo.com.

Representatives are needed for:

  • Vineland, Bridgeton, Commercial Twp 
  •  Fairfield Twp, Upper Deerfield Twp
  •  Maurice River Twp, Deerfield Twp 

We can’t sit around on our fingers waiting for someone else to step up on this one people because ear tipped cats that are not reclaimed will ultimately fall victim to the system. TNVR programs require participation by residents of the community in order to function properly.
Community cats are a community problem that a community can fix, together. If everybody does a little, nobody does a lot.

Ric Kuhns
Director of Operations

BREAKING NEWS                                                                                                            1/14/17

Animal Friends Foundation Inc. is happy to announce that we are partnering with the CCSPCA in order to promote the conversion of Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return and related initiatives to cities and towns throughout Cumberland Co. in support of feral cats and lowering their populations countywide. We're hoping to gain the support of all local rescue organizations, animal welfare groups and interested individuals and have them partner with us in order to facilitate the demands of a successful TNVR program.

Future updates and announcements including a posting of special interest to those involved in "fostering feral kittens" will be posted on Animal Friends Foundation facebook page and web site in the very near future.


As you are aware, AFF has agree to partner with the CCSPCA at their request for the purpose of promoting the conversion of the current “trap and kill” method of controlling the population of community cats to the more humane, cost effective cat friendly method of TNVR. In a program that will help those who currently foster feral kittens and to hopefully encourage more people to participate in fostering feral kittens, the CCSPCA has entered in an agreement with shelters in northern New Jersey and 4 other regional states to supply their demand for adoptable kittens. 

The program is being run by the director of their fostering program and will accept feral kittens that have been socialized and are adoptable when they’re brought in. Those who currently foster feral kittens will have another option when the time comes to find homes for the kittens they’ve rescued, and we’re hoping that more people will be willing to foster the feral kittens they find, knowing they’ll have a place to take them once socialized. Outsourcing has the potential to save the lives of feral kittens that otherwise would have been left to fend for themselves, and also in lowering the number of those that would have been euthanized. With strong public participation, Outsourcing can save a lot of lives. With kitten season not that far away, anyone wishing to take advantage of the Outsourcing program is encouraged to contact the CCSPCA and speak to a staff member of the fostering program. The program is also looking for those who are willing to foster and socialize feral kittens dropped off at the shelter so they can be offered to Outsourcing, and not “killed for profit”